Fascias & Soffits

Fascia boards and soffits play a crucial part in ensuring the structural integrity of property. When properly installed, fascia and soffits enable ventilation and promote air circulation which reduces excess moisture that causes rot and decay to the roof. They enable air circulation through the rafters and eaves of a building structure, ensuring that the structure remains in good shape.

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There are many benefits associated with using UPVC fascias and soffits. They are much cheaper than other materials such as cast iron, offer durability and come with a long lifespan. In fact lifespan can go on for a couple of decades before requiring change and they don’t need maintenance. Many homeowners tend to opt for UPVC fascias and soffits if they plan on moving after many years, but want to ensure that their property remains adequately protected from other external elements, and to make sure that the resale value increases because of an attractive and functional drainage system. UPVC fascias and soffits does not require any repainting. Regardless the condition, water won’t penetrate the material as the UPVC will provide superior protection against water penetration.


Aluminum fascias and soffits is very cost effective. It does not rust, discolour or deteriorate, and it is very durable. Installing is easy and can last a building structure up to 30 years. Aluminum fascias and soffits comes in different colours and in addition to this can also be painted to match the roof or building structure.Aluminum fascias and soffits are very light, and easy to transport. This greatly aids in lowering transport costs and again saving you money. One major set-back with aluminum-made fascias and soffits is its susceptibility to puncture and leakage.


Wooden fascias and soffits is mainly aesthetic. It is widely chosen for many homes and building structures because of its authenticity, good looks and its durability. Wooden fascias and soffits can actually last for 10 decades in good condition. When choosing wooden fascias and soffits, ensure that the wooden part contains cedar wood. This will ensure that it doesn’t fall prey to moisture and other external elements that can cause damping and wear.

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